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grade six girls do extraordinary

North Street Primary School in Xining city

District of the sixth grade girls Xu Zongpin Yu, the name is unique, but the most unique is that she "is one or two is two" attitude towards life.

Zongpin of Xu Yu, will come true, really say false hypothesis is the most difficult, as she was criticized by the teacher in the school to make mistakes, is that parents don’t ask, she will tell parents to listen to authentic, many children on the contrary; go, she thought that does not comply with the public order of the people is not good faith, only mom and dad was correct, she criticized several times…… The most typical one is that last year, she picked up a huge amount of cash in public places, a woman holding a child after seeing, rushed up to grab, she will hold the money in her arms…… Later, she will be more than 8000 yuan a lot of money into the hands of the police. Afterwards, her deeds on the "Xining evening news".   read more